IT Corporate Governance Professional ISO 38500
Business Management

Certified IT Corporate Governance Professional (ISO38500)


This certification is aimed at providing a framework of principles for administrators when evaluating, directing and supervising the use of Information Technology (IT) in their organizations, based on ISO/IEC 38500.

Aimed at

Any person whose role includes responsibility for IT Corporate Governance, such as:

  • Project managers or consultants who want to prepare to support an organization in the implementation of corporate IT governance.
  • Senior managers responsible for the IT governance of an organization.
  • Members of groups that monitor an organization’s  resources.

Main Subjects

General introduction

  • Exploring ISO/IEC 38500
  • IT Corporate Governance General concepts

Governance of IT Scope and benefits

  • ISO/IEC 38500 Scope and Purpose
  • Benefits of good governance of IT
  • Terms and definitions ISO/IEC 38500

Principles and Model for Good Governance of IT

  • Principles of Governance of IT
  • Model of Governance of IT

Guidance for the Governance of IT

  • General
  • 6 Principles of governace of IT
    • Principle 1: Responsibility
    • Principle 2: Strategy
    • Principle 3: Acquisition
    • Principle 4: Performance
    • Principle 5: Conformance
    • Principle 6: Human Behaviour


Duration: 60 minutes Number of questions: 30 (Multiple Choice) Passing minimum: 65% Open book: No Electronic equipment allowed: No Level: Intermediate Available languages: English, Spanish Pre Requirements: No Types of supervision available: Live Proctoring
Believe Proctoring ₂O Second chance (free): Yes Minimum passing ₂O Second chance: 75%

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