Digital Transformation,
a reality.

Without a doubt, Digital Transformation is part of the social, political and especially business language. Digital Transformation is an absolutely TANGIBLE reality for any organization.

Has your organization already started its "Digital Transformation Journey"?

According to the IDG report "State of Digital Business Transformation" (2019), only 48% of companies have adopted a "1st Digital approach", and 24% are in the implementation phase.

As an organization, whether public or private but more intensely in private organizations, enduring over time is an essential goal along with maximizing profits. To this end, and given the current conditions in all sectors of activity, planning and starting the "Digital Transformation Journey" is a basic need, which does not admit any further delay.

Digital Transformation implies, besides the extensive use of technology, a change in the culture of the companies .

According to the IDG report "State of Digital Business Transformation" (2019), of the 8 main factors identified as challenges by the respondents, 3 originate from people, 3 from technology and 2 from other aspects. The management of cultural change (people factor) and the adequacy of the workforce, therefore, must be weighted, at least, equating to the management of technological change, or even more.

Within the digital ecosystem, people are the fundamental pillar that supports the rest.

Companies, Organizations, Institutions and Technology, rest on the people’s pillar, that is why "Digital Transformation is only possible through People".

Digital Immersion of people, the basis of the Digital Transformation of companies.

Having teams with the right knowledge, competencies and skills is essential for the "Digital Transformation Journey" to be quickly adopted in the organization ensuring the success of the Digital Strategy.

Leveraging the Transformation with professionals outside the organization who act as catalysts, is as important as implementing a Digital Immersion program for the people who make up the organization, since they are the ones who “live the culture” in addition to being responsible for supporting all internal and external processes of the organization.

Digital Immersion by GTA

To help you lead your organization’s "Digital Transformation Journey", and start your Digital Immersion as a professional,
we have designed a set of career paths to help you choose the training and certification that best suits your interests.

The Professionals with the best future

Today's work environment, which encompasses professionals and organizations, is highly competitive and volatile. According to the report “EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES’ IMPACT ON SOCIETY & WORK IN 2030” (2020) prepared by Dell, 85% of the jobs that will be available in 2030 have not yet been invented.

The prediction of professions that will disappear in the coming years, although imprecise due to the volume of predictions from different institutions, becomes a reality.

According to the “Future of Jobs Report 2020” by the World Economic Forum, these are the professions that are in demand and those that are in decline.

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For this reason, the debate between whether a generalist professional is better than a specialized one, or vice versa, finds the answer in the T-Shaped professionals.

What characterizes a
T-Shaped professional?

T-Shaped professionals are fundamentally characterized by having general knowledge in different areas, but being specialized in one in particular.

For this reason, they are professionals who, although they have very specific knowledge, skills and competencies in a field, can, in the same way, contribute and collaborate in fields that are not their specialty.

Digital Inmersión Leader

At GTA we have considered all these factors and created the "Digital Immersion Leader" certifications.

As a professional, these certifications qualify you to lead the Digital Transformation in your organization.

As an organization you need qualified professionals to lead the necessary changes in the multiple areas
in which Digital Transformation has an impact.

Find out which certifications will automatically make you earn a "Digital Immersion Leader" certificate.

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