Why GTA?

  • Quality and assured certification environment.

    Quality and assured certification environment.

  • Certifications highly demanded by the market.

    Certifications highly demanded by the market.

  • Constant innovation.

    Constant innovation.

  • Co-creation and collaboration with experts.

    Co-creation and collaboration with experts.

  • ROI optimization

    ROI optimization

  • Fewer intermediaries in the value chain

    Fewer intermediaries in the value chain

  • Paper Free

    Paper Free

  • Delivery of certificate and digital badge on the spot

    Delivery of certificate and digital badge on the spot

Professional Certifications

Our world is becoming more and more competitive in all areas, including the professional one, that's why at GTA we have designed
and developed a set of certifications that will cover all your needs to improve your professional development, or that of your team.

Our Partners

Our partner network extends globally and is constantly growing, providing true coverage and support to all professionals who rely on our certifications.

  • GTA offers a very complete portfolio of certifications. Through the “Believe” examination platform together with the “Web Proctoring” system, provides a control system that guarantees security during the process of taking the certification exams. Knowing that they have a certified management system, gives a greater guarantee of their internal processes. It is an organization that listens to its client and adapts the product / service to their needs, while providing a very close and direct contact with partners, as well as carefull considered and well-worked brand image.

    Sergio Herrera
    Sergio Herrera


  • GTA stands out for its team, the quality of its materials both in substance and form, and for its powerful examination platform. I consider it to be quite an agile and dynamic company, even everything is procedural. I also highlight how quickly they manage to adapt to the constant market changes, and to the needs of their partners.

    Guillermo Irigoyen
    Guillermo Irigoyen

    Bigg Practices

  • GTA has such an efficient and secure work platform that brings together everything that both the candidate and the partner need. I must emphasize that they have a team of professionals very attentive to the continuous delivery of the services and to their continuous improvement. The human quality of the team and the continuous support both professional and personal, make you feel that you are not alone, yet we are a true team with a common purpose and a sense of service to the community.

    Judit Laguardia
    Judit Laguardia

    (Chile – Uruguay)

  • GTA stands out for its innovative offer in certifications and the excellent quality of the material they provide. This goes far beyond a simple presentation, being a very didactic and professional material. I consider it to be an agile responsive company that, in my opinion, has been able to position itself very quickly making available to the market the most required certifications and topics. It is important to recognize the direct, fast, sincere and warm relationship they encourage with the partner.

    Frano Capeta
    Frano Capeta


  • We can highlight from GTA something that we value a lot, that is the quality of its content and certification exams, thus making a big difference in the market. We certainly highlight the best practices they apply in their processes and the agility they demonstrate as an organization. In these times of pandemic in which operations should not be stopped GTA has not only remained 100% available, but every day improves and innovates in its processes, offering more and more value to its very closed relationship whit their partners and willingness to help and provide timely solutions.

    Gusmery Ruiz
    Gusmery Ruiz

    MS Solutions

  • GTA offers us a very complete certification option, which allows us to expand and complement our service portfolio. They are a respectable and transparent company, which can be trusted. They take great care in doing business with companies that are serious and with track record in the market. It is easy to deal with GTA, they are always willing to quickly resolve situations that arise in the spirit of keeping end-customer satisfaction high, which is the main beneficiary of the certification. Prices are reasonable according to the reality of the Latin American market, without giving up a true world-class leve lof quality. The certifications they offer are very relevant and current to today’s reality (both in Business Management and Transformation Management). We are very satisfied with our relationship with GTA.

    Jorge Blanco
    Jorge Blanco

    Glumin Networks

  • The GTA proposal for the community is relevant when considering the voice and needs of the partner, which is based on our market reality. With the vision and logic that they establish as an organization, it has managed to offer us a training solution of great value to our clients. GTA reflects all the conditions of an agile company, both as an integrated technology solution, and in a different and very powerful business model. Their business value proposition is focused on the partner's experience and on everything that can be achieved through a great relationship. In this sense, together with GTA we have managed to build a relationship of trust and mutual interest to enable the necessary value tools to strengthen a tangible value proposition for both organizations.

    Rigoberto González
    Rigoberto González

    iGovernance Academy
    (Costa Rica)

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