Theory to practice

Certified DevOps Master Professional – Theory to Practice


This certification aims to measure that the candidate has sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve full automation of the phases of the DevOps cycle using a set of tools for a real scenario defined during training.

Aimed at

Head of Architecture, Programmer Analysts, DBA, Operation support of Services, SW Developers, Project Managers and anyone whose role is involved in the software life cycle.

Pre requirements

  • Hold the Certified DevOps Master Professional certificate.
  • Prepare training in advance according to the instructions provided by the Global Trust Association Accredited Training Provider.

Main Subjects

Integration and Continuous Delivery

  • Construction and Code checking.
  • Automated tests.

Deployment and continuous monitoring

  • Deployment.
  • Monitoring.

Dependency Management

  • Checking for vulnerabilities.

Performance and Attitude

  • Completing the challenge.
  • Sharing Experience and Knowledge with the Group.


Duration: Assessment of training performance Number of questions: Successful completion of the challenge Minimum passing score: 65% Open book: Yes Electronic equipment allowed: Yes Level: Theory to Practice Available languages: Spanish Pre Requirements: Yes Types of supervision available: Live Proctoring ₂O Second chance (free of charge): No

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