Empower your team
for even better

Ensure the success of your organization
by creating the best team

Having the best team of professionals is something that every organization pursues.

Attracting, generating and maintaining talent in an organization is something easy to propose, but perhaps not so easy to execute.

Facilitating the professional development of the team is one of the success factors for increasing performance.

  • Professional development as one
    of the levers of performance improvement

    Providing professionals with the necessary resources so that they can carry out their work, but also so that they can evolve in their career, is a motivating factor that is achieved, among other actions, by providing adequate training plans, in which certification has the double benefit to ensure the acquisition of knowledge as well as to provide public recognition to the professional.

  • Training and Certification,
    a winning combination

    At GTA we know that every process of certification of a professional must be preceded, without any excuse, by accredited training that prepares them in the best way for the main objective that is the acquisition of knowledge, and that will culminate in obtaining the corresponding certification.

  • Professional certifications, double benefit

    Having certified professionals has the double benefit of having a prepared team,
    but also of having a team with a high degree of “intrinsic motivation”.

    According to some reports, a team of motivated employees increases their performance by 44%
    and their engagement by 27%.

  • The biggest beneficiaries,
    your organization's customers

    Best of all, the biggest beneficiaries are your organization's customers, which obviously means a better positioning of your organization in the market, more growth and more benefits.

Digital Transformation
requires a Digital Immersion
of professionals

In a highly competitive and complex environment like the current one, it is absolutely necessary to
develop and provide training and certification
plans for all the professionals in our organization.

One of the main reasons is to have professionals with the appropriate and updated knowledge,
but also to provide them with the necessary motivation to collaborate in the objective
of making our organization more competitive.

In GTA we have created the Digital Immersion by GTA. A series of training and certification routes,
which enable professionals to support and lead the Digital Transformation of organizations.

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