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Certified Digital Transformation Professional


The purpose of this certification is to accredit knowledge of professionals on the key aspects of digital transformation, based on a comprehensive and strategic approach, including in general several disciplines, practices, methodologies, methods, etc., which are used to enable the deployment of a digital transformation strategy and set the current trend through their application in businesses that have undertaken several successful initiatives.

Aimed at

  • Managers or Heads of any type of organization seeking to strengthen their areas or the company, through a digital transformation approach.
  • Professionals responsible for leading or developing internal activities related to digital transformation, as part of a corporate strategy, or to promote the leadership of digital transformation initiatives for the company.
  • Consultants or advisors on topics related to the direction and management of companies and technologies focused on digital transformation.

Main Subjects

Digital Transformation and modern organizations

  • Key aspects of digital transformation.
  • Organization and change management: culture and mindset.
  • Digital innovation and transformation.
  • Digital transformation and customer experience.

Transforming the organization and its processes by focusing on a new consumer

  • Digital governance and strategy.
  • Digital transformation processes
  • New business models in the digital age.
  • Development of digital talent (people and organization).
  • Educate and enhance the consumer experience.

Current Technology Trends and Digital Transformation

  • Role of data governance in digital transformation.
  • General description of disciplines, practices and others supporting digital transformation: Blockchain, Startups & Fintech, Big data, IA, Industry 4.0, Robotics, IoT.


Duration: 60 minutes Number of questions: 30 (Multiple Choice) Minimum passing score: 65% Open book: No Electronic equipment allowed: No Level: Intermediate Available languages: English, Spanish Pre Requirements: No Types of supervision available: Live Proctoring
Believe Proctoring ₂O Second chance (free of charge): Yes Minimum passing score ₂O Second chance: 75%

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