Self-study available for some GTA certifications

By Global Trust Association

28 December, 2021 | 12:12hrs

Demand and consumer habits are continually changing, and the situation we have been going through for almost two years has accelerated and accentuated these changes. Just as it has happened with the Digital Transformation for organizations and the new and more intense impulse that this has received, professionals are looking for new ways to obtain knowledge and experience that are increasingly necessary in this new context in which we operate.

To adapt to this new situation, at GTA we have enabled a limited number of our Professional level certifications, through our website and in self-study mode, so that professionals, who so choose, can purchase a self-study kit, if the certification is included in this initiative. The certifications that include the self-study version will soon be identified on our website.

What will the professional who purchases a self-study version on our website receive?

The self-study kit will consist of the following items:

  • Official Candidate Handbook
  • Sample exam
  • Syllabus of the certification with the detail of the learning and evaluable objectives, as well as the bibliography used and recommended.
  • Certification exam rights. Including 2O (second opportunity) without cost, in case of not passing in the first opportunity.

Who is the self-study kit intended for?

The self-study kit is intended for independent professionals who already have prior knowledge in the field and who are capable, in an autonomous manner, of obtaining the necessary knowledge to obtain the corresponding certificate.

It is very important to emphasize that GTA strongly recommends attending official training delivered by any of our Accredited Training Centers belonging to the Global Partner network, because only in this way the chances of obtaining the knowledge and passing the certification exam are higher.

What are the advantages of formal training versus self-study?

GTA’s role in the accreditation process of training centers and instructors is to ensure that both the centers and the instructors have sufficient guarantees, both technical (with respect to the subject matter) and educational (with respect to how they deliver the training). That is why we are sure that all GTA accredited instructors are the best option, without any doubt, to transfer to the professionals attending an official training the necessary knowledge and experience, not only to pass the certification exam, but also to successfully perform their role in the organization or organizations in which they work or collaborate as independent professionals.

Among others, these are the advantages of training in an official GTA-accredited center:

  • The professional is accompanied at all times in the process of transferring knowledge and experience.
  • The professional can share concerns, doubts and his own experience with the group, which undoubtedly enriches the professional himself.
  • The professional must adhere to a pre-established schedule to attend the training, which allows to concentrate learning efforts avoiding procrastination.
  • The professional focuses on his mission, which is to obtain knowledge and be able to certify it, leaving administrative and coordination tasks to the accredited training center.
  • In addition to the knowledge, practices and test exams proposed in the official Syllabus, the training centers usually deliver an extra in all these aspects, enriching, even more, the knowledge proposed in the official Syllabus of the certification.
  • According to William Glasser‘s learning pyramid (following infographic), we only learn 10% of what we read, while if we see and hear, this percentage becomes 50%, and 70% if we discuss and debate with others.

These are some of the reasons why GTA strongly recommends attending training delivered by a GTA Global Partner Network Partner.

If you still decide to take on the challenge of becoming certified by performing a self-study, from January 2022, for a limited number of certifications from GTA’s portfolio it will be possible. We invite you to stay tuned to our website and subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to know, always first hand, all the news and new initiatives that GTA is constantly publishing.

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