Kanban Facilitator Professional
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Certified Kanban Facilitator Professional


This certification seeks to accredit the knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement Kanban systems in different types of contexts and levels of an organization.

It is a system that facilitates the visual management of any value flow by applying extraction systems (pull) and continuous improvement. As well as establishing the most suitable limits of work in progress (WIP) to improve the flow, define policies for prioritizing tasks or collect metrics and make tracking graphs that will facilitate the establishment of service level agreements (SLA) with customers.

Aimed at

Kanban is useful in a wide number of functions within an organization:

  • Business Management Positions (Cxo)
  • Program and Project Managers
  • Product Owners and Business Analysts
  • Scrum Master, Team Lead, Agents and Agile Coach
  • Programmers and Testers of Product & Software
  • Other roles as Human Resources, Training, Finance, Creative Teams, Digital Agencies, etc.

Main Subjects

General Introduction

  • Agile Project Management
  • Lean Origin
  • Introduction to Kanban

Visualize the Flow

  • Kanban Board Guidelines
  • Advantages of using boards
  • Cards
  • Cards – Content Guidelines

Limiting Work in Progress

  • Effects of high WIP
  • Limit work in progress (WIP)
  • Principles for limiting WIP
  • How to Limit WIP

Explicit Policies

  • Delay Cost
  • Classes of service
  • Types of service classes
  • Kanban box

Manage the flow

  • How to Improve Flow
  • Bottlenecks
  • Grouping Blockers
  • Other Variables Affecting Flow
  • Flow Adjustments

Feedback Cycles

  • Organization-level meetings
  • Team-level meetings

Monitoring and Control

  • Kanban Metrics
  • Chart Types
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)
  • Interpreting CFD
  • Lean Time & Cycle Time
  • Throughput
  • Aged work in progress
  • Flow Efficiency

Scaling Kanban

  • Kanban Portfolio
  • Kanban Roadmap
  • WIP Limits at Global Level
  • Manage Flow at Portfolio Level
  • Forecast at Portfolio Level

Kanban for Scrum

  • Service Level Expectations
  • Kanban Practices in Scrum
  • Flow Metrics
  • Flow-Based Events


Duration: 60 minutes Number of questions: 30 (Multiple Choice) Minimum passing score: 65% Open book: No Electronic equipment allowed: No Level: Intermediate Available languages: English, Spanish Pre Requirements: No Types of supervision available: Live Proctoring
Believe Proctoring ₂O Second chance (free of charge): Yes Minimum passing score ₂O Second chance: 75%

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