Lean Management Professional
Transformation Management

Certified Lean Management Professional


The purpose of this certification is to accredit knowledge and skills to reduce, remove and prevent “waste” generation in the processes of an organization, based on Lean fundamentals, such as TPS, Kaizen, Just In Time, Jidoka, among others, in order to properly adopt the Lean philosophy and thereby achieve tangible improvements for an organization.

Aimed at

This Certification is targeted at Continuous Improvement Managers, Project Managers, Business and Service Analysts, and anyone performing a role related to continuous improvement in general.

Main Subjects

Concepts and core elements of Lean

  • Toyota Production System (TPS) and its influence on Lean.
  • Philosophy, concepts and key principles of TPS and Lean.

Customer perspective and the value definition paradigm

  • Customer voice and perspective.
  • The customer and the quality.
  • Paradigms and approaches to the definition of value.

Value stream mapping and patterns for agile and flexible process

  • Identification, definition and management of value stream (SIPOC and VSM).
  • Continuous flow and persistence in value.
  • Producing only what is necessary: Synchronism and harmony in the creation of value.

Kaizen mindset and approach to continuous improvement

  • Kaizen principles and approach.
  • Standpoints for problema solve.
  • Organizational culture and awareness of continuous improvement.


Duration: 60 minutes Number of questions: 30 (Multiple Choice) Minimum passing score: 65% Open book: No Electronic equipment allowed: No Level: Intermediate Available languages: English, Spanish Pre Requirements: No Types of supervision available: Live Proctoring
Believe Proctoring ₂O Second chance (free of charge): Yes Minimum passing score ₂O Second chance: 75%

Some organizations where
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