Data protection on the internet.

By Global Trust Association

19 July, 2019 | 17:07hrs

Data protection is a matter that should have our full attention due to the importance of the use of our information by companies that can access it without proper authorization, especially when today our personal data is, in a way, made available to those who can make use of advances in technology to access it through various mechanisms: mobile or tablet applications, PC software, or through cookies.

In one way or another, our personal data may be collected without us noticing and may be considered as “payment” for using applications, which –apparently– claim to be “free”. In short, we do not know exactly what information can be seen or accessed from the applications we install on our mobiles, for example.

The information available on the subject is not yet very clear, and although there seems to be an effort to show a clear picture, perhaps it is not enough for all of us to be aware of the information that others access and why. In fact, companies requiring personal data should provide us with transparent information about the use and the way in which the data required is to be collected, used and transferred.  While there is a certain responsibility on the part of the user –who finally authorizes access to the applications– without due information and without the endorsement of regulatory compliance applicable to the country from which the data is collected, it is difficult to make a conscious decision.

Companies using and managing personal data as a requirement of the service they provide should only require and use the data corresponding to such need, according to the nature of their service, and no more. In many cases, these aspects are already clearly regulated by the laws and regulations of the countries in relation to data protection, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which, in accordance with its provisions, seeks to adapt to the current technological context and the importance of the Internet in our daily lives.

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