Perfection is in the team mindset

By Global Trust Association

24 May, 2019 | 14:05hrs

One of the basics of Lean is perfection; however, it is necessary to understand that perfection itself is unattainable, there is nothing absolutely perfect, but everything can be improved. Nevertheless, the sustained commitment to deliver the results expected by the customer (quality and continuous improvement) is part of this thought, which should be embraced by the team’s mind and soul.

Of course, trying to attain perfection implies a never-ending process improvement and continuously questioning the value of every activity. Therefore, although it is not be possible to attain perfection, it is necessary to be constantly striving to get closer to it. For this purpose, there are different ways. One of them is implementing the Deming cycle (PDCA), which should constantly help to identify (planning) where is possible to create more and more value or to improve aspects of flow or process to then execute the planning. Subsequently, checking if everything worked out as planned so that, in the end, to make the required adjustments to reach the improvement objective. Repeating this cycle infinite times, as necessary, will allow alignment with the perfection approach, without losing sight of the waste removal process, which is a key part of activities allowing to maximize value.

But, no matter how clear the path is, all this would not be possible without the team willingness to achieve these improvements. Therefore, it is important that every team member, as well as the organization, is aware of the importance of continuous improvement; that is why Lean is a way of thinking. Furthermore, if individual knowledge acquired is added, the improvement impact would be greater, since this knowledge can provide information to reduce waste, improve and maximize the value of processes, and at the same time can lead to a general improvement in the organization and, undoubtedly, also in people.

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