Proportionality of the improvement in value increase.

By Global Trust Association

13 May, 2019 | 15:05hrs

As we all know, Scrum adopts –inter alia– the principles of Lean philosophy to ensure maximum productivity of work teams, and progressively deliver the greatest possible value to the customer during short periods of time. In general, we may say that one of the keys of Scrum is to divide work, time and improvement in an appropriate way.

We already know that the periods to deliver a portion of product value is called Sprint. When Sprint finishes, Sprint Retrospective starts. This is an important process that allows validating the work done by the team, that is to say, the direction no longer focuses on the product, but on everything that was made to get it. This is also a mechanism for the team to inspect itself and thoroughly determine what went well or bad, what could be done better and faster, what could be improved, and mainly, what can be improved immediately. All of these will become improvements to be applied during the next Sprint.

However, this process requires a high degree of commitment, discipline, trust, and spirit of the team to improve as a whole. In addition, it also requires sincerity and transparency to take on responsibilities and provide feedback; thus, this is not about guilty finding, but to improve by strong commitment.

Certainly, this will allow the team to quickly identify the aspects need to be changed to achieve the required degree of improvement, and although absolute perfection is virtually impossible, it helps a lot to be clear about the path to continuous improvement, the Kaizen.

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